Stanley Cups Are Making A Splash Across The Obsessed Resale Market

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Image via Stanley

Lucky be the ones who own a Stanley Cup. The insulated tumblers, in particular, are now hot items, fetching prices that are anything but chilled.

The brand, whose products are initially designed to keep drinks cold in the great outdoors, has seen a significant uptick in attention and revenue, thanks in large part to the popularity of its 40-ounce tumbler. Parents have even complained about their kids being bullied in school for carrying off-brands.

This drinkable status symbol had an unexpected big moment in the social media spotlight last November, when a customer posted a video showing her Stanley Cup surviving a devastating car fire. The vehicle was destroyed, but the tumbler continued to keep its chill, still being filled with ice a day later. Her TikTok video, which has garnered over 95 million views, not only demonstrated the product’s durability but also potentially helped cement the brand’s repute.

The company responded to the affair with grace, with Stanley’s president, Terence Reilly, offering to replace the customer’s vehicle.



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Social media has clearly played a pivotal role in amplifying the popularity of Stanley tumblers. Each new release is celebrated by enthusiasts as if it were a major event, turning these practical items into coveted collectibles, Marketplace reports. Dedicated online communities and Facebook groups have emerged where collectors eagerly buy, sell, or trade the drinkware.

Special editions are particularly sought after, with the now-famous tumblers finding a new home on StockX, a platform traditionally known for sneakers and streetwear. The Watermelon Moonshine 40-ounce Stanley x Lainey Wilson tumbler, for instance, is fetching around US$300 there. Similarly, the new winter pink Stanley x Starbucks tumbler is selling for US$285 on this marketplace and even higher on eBay.



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Suffice it to say, the brand has made a crossover into the realm of collectibles, and thirsty fans are slurping it up.




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